"You have been called to LIVE POWERFUL as Kings & Queens"  ~ Rev 1:6

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My Name is Phil Barnao. 

As a Man of FAITH I believe that we were created to LIVE POWERFUL. ..And that becomes harder to do when we are struggling with our weight.  The bible warns us about this because God wants what's best for us!   He wants us to Live with Fitness..

Health & Fitness gives us more confidence, better energy, vitality, improves clarity & focus, enhances quality of life, better sex drive, higher self esteem, improves our ambition and drive & more!     

  Aren't you sick and tired of all the hype & CONFUSION online?  ..Especially when it comes to "getting fit" which is a saturated market filled with over exaggerated claims. 

I sure was!!  And as a busy entrepreneur who wanted to lose weight, I was looking for real fat loss solutions with fast results! 

 ..Man, I found out there's so many people saying different (even contradicting) things about how to lose weight and burn fat. 

I read everything about weight loss, fitness, nutrition and got advice from all the so called “experts” and it actually left me more confused.  I was doing everything and I still couldn’t burn fat... 
Until I figured these out this ONE PROVEN SIMPLE STRATEGY and then everything changed and got easier for me and I was finally able to burn fat! 

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  • ​The single biggest thing that is holding you back from achieving weight loss and shedding fat day after day.
  • ​​Exactly what you need to control in order to begin manifesting an enormous shift in your weight loss, starting today.
  • ​How to ALWAYS GET RESULTS and never get confused again! ..No matter what other yo-yo diets, so called fitness experts or uneducated personal trainers will tell you.
About Phil
As an Entrepreneur I’ve always been one who respects RESULTS. Not hype and BS. I needed fitness results in my fast paced busy life and so (speaking frankly) I cut through all the crap to figure it out. 

Over 20 years of research & experiments later I know exactly how to get results FAST without crazy food restrictions, living in a gym, slaving to cardio or doing any stupid yo-yo dieting.  

It's my mission to help People LIVE POWERFUL mentally, Physically & Spiritually!  It's time to level up your Life and become the Kings & Queens that God created you to be!   You were NOT meant to live over weight! 

You're only living in a fraction of the potential God placed inside of you!   Let's Go Champion!  Level Up in your fitness today!

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Dan dropped close to 100lbs in less than a year  

Here’s Me Shredding 35 lbs in 90 days 

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